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sell your books to students

Le 10 janvier 2015, 05:58 dans Humeurs 0

 to school discipline inspection commission to testifyBeginning January 5, more than university students to upload a large number of micro-nation letter microblogging, letters and other public social platform, QQ chat screenshots, Associate Professor, School of Economics ETHNIC broke big people repeatedly sell your books to students, and bribes. And ETHNIC called "Ramen" The fans also need to pay an annual fee of 200 yuan or 400 yuan to enter the VIP group.The media also reported that from January 7, have a number of students to the school disciplinnike air max 2014 uke inspection commission to testify, reflecting the purchase of books and other issues forced the teacher, saying the "have exam content" as an excuse to sell his own edited books in the classroom Many students have purchased this book price of 28 yuan, but in the classroom and on the final exam, were not related to the content of the book too.Said the public will be given ETHNIC reply"There is need, be sure to contact you." Yesterday, declined an interview via e-mail ETHNIC Beiqing Bao reporter's. Since the media has not yet responded, but the January 6 issue books bribes fermentation, ETHNIC on their real-

name authentication microblogging has released more than 50 consecutive micro-Bo, however, the comments feature has been turned off. January 8, ETHNIC micro-Bo said: "After the great results of the investigation public, I'll give you care about my friends at home and abroad, have a public reply ramen."For the "bribe" the issue has been discovered students ETHNIC microblogging responded by saying, "China is the personal situation of the society, she out of gratitude and voluntary gift" and said, "So since you enemies, on the other blame me tell the truth, I believe that a law school who knows what the law is. "For the students sent to the network QQ chat screenshots, ETHNIC did not deny, but said, "I am ramen two QQ group to say some words of ramen, but I do not know why being moved to the online public." Currently, the two QQ group has been closed.2013 on the eve of Teacher's Day, Teacher's Day for parentsnike air max 95 trainers regarding gifts to teachers, ETHNIC in an interview when he said that this is an objective social phenomenon, is unhealthy people formed long, and according to her understanding, teachers and parents do not want gifts, most of the teachers in particular the pursuit of spiritual enjoyment, "report card" is the best teacher and gifts in return. In the interview, ETHNIC also said that teachers should be clean

and honest, everyone should keep their own principles, society will have a more "positive energy."The Ministry of Education issued twice ban university teachers "cable ceremony"News MemoryJuly 2014, the Ministry of Education publicly released "Do teachers and parents of students accepting illegal gifts and other acts of requirements," including six ban "prohibited in any way solicit or accept gifts from students and their parents gifts, securities, and payment vouchers and other property "and" non-students by selling books, newspapers, daily necessities, social insurance and other business services to obtain kickbacks. " Last October, the Ministry of Education issued "on the establishment of a sound long-term mechanism Universities Professional Ethics Opinion" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinion"), specifically for the university teachers' Ethics lists the "Red Seven," which explicitly universities Article Teache  nike air max 90 hyperfuse cheaprs prohibit "solicitation or acceptance of students and parents gifts, gifts, securities, payment vouchers and other belongings.""Opinions" stressed, should the ethics examination unqualified teachers post employment

promoters told China Daily

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large supermarket is located in West Friendship, many brands of milk are in promotion. Promoters cries after another. "Buy one get one more fresh pasteurized milk, 3.5 yuan bags", "SBG benefit more, a good 48 original boxes, promotional 40 yuan", "Yili Li Lok pillow original 41.5 yuan a box of whole milk, now 25.6" ...... a promoters told China Daily reporter, promotions are mostly from the beginning of the end of December 2014.Analysis of the indu nike shox agent cheapstry, the current market price is lower retail and various promotional activities should be "hard to sell milk," has little to do, mainly because of the New Year, Spring Festival into the season to do some promotional activities.Milk enterprises to expand salesTalking about the problem now facing the marsh animal husbandry, general manager of Xi'an  said, "Our company has 7000 cows, close to 100 tons of milk per day. If this trend continues, can only be eliminated cattle herd size compression. We only their teeth. to see what time can sustain, not hold only the slaughter of cattle. "He said that due to the high cost of farming enterprises, investment, all the cows eat alfalfa, fodder, etc. are

imported, feed prices have been rising. Now the cost of producing one kilogram of milk is 4.5 yuan, but the price is only 4 dollars.In order to solve the problems faced, they also want some ways, "So we are to Mengniu, Yili factory in Shaanxi and SBG local dairy, dairy milk for the East. Now we also supply raw milk dairy company in Chengdu, Sichuan, Radius also big sales. "Qin Haipeng said.Xi'an Dairy Association, a responsible person to China Daily reporter, due to the international dairy prices, resulting in the domestic dairy market by squeezing. Now the country appears more "selling milk difficult" issue, the province is also difficult to avoid, but the impact is relatively small. Because in Shaanxi dairy, in addition to two-thirds of milk production, there is goat's milk production accounted for roughly one-third of the international dairy prices fell less impact on the price of goat. So overall, the contradiction is not so intense fienike shox agent saleld.China Chinese Commercial News reporter Guo XiaorongXi'an low milk price many farmers lossesXi'an Agriculture Commission: Application introduced policies to support farmers to reduce lossesJanuary 7, under the Ministry of Agriculture issued a "sell milk on the coordination of handling difficult emergency notification stable dairy production," and called on all localities

 to organize and coordinate everything possible to ensure that raw milk processing enterprises purchase. Through various forms of supervision and dairy enterprises to fulfill purchase contracts, active acquisition, treat dairy farmers tide over the crisis, and strive to achieve no rejection, no pour milk, less limited income, less selling cattle.Yesterday, the China Daily reporter learned from the Agriculture Committee, Xi'an, Xi'an Livestock dairy industry has been the most competitive industries, Xi'an dairy herds currently about 125,000.September 2014, the market price of milk fell sharply, many farmers at a loss. Right now, large farming can temporarily hold for some t nike shox r4 uk   ime, but some small-scale farmers in Lintong and Baqiao and other areas, has emerged as a result of low milk prices, farmers sell milk, began to sell the cattle breeding industry withdraw case .It is understood that the Committee on Agriculture, Xi'an encourages the acquisition of S & P retail dairy cattle breeding large, on the one hand the government is proposing the introduction of supportive policies for farmers; at the same time promote the use of technology in the dairy section of this efficiency, reduce production costs and increase production to cope with risks guide farmers restructuring, out of low-yielding cows, Paul

Pampered Moumou drugs marijuana

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home, seized 117.72 grams of marijuana plants.Trial, the prosecutor issued a six groups of evidence in court. Among them, the most important group of evidence to show that: the defendant Jaycee residence located in Dongzhimen Street in the Dongcheng District, respectively, in the second half of 2012, one day, July 10, 2014, August 13 Ke Moumou taking shelter marijuana, on August 14, 2014 Pampered Moumou drugs marijuana.6 groups of evidence, the court shall ascertain and are admissible in the trial.In his indictment prosecutors opinion that: the defendant consti nike air max 95 cheaptuted a shelter or other drug offenses. Defendant Department of surrender, according to the law may be given a lighter or mitigated punishment. The prosecutor said, adding that Jaycee ago in the trial, "wrote the handwritten confession", not only to recognize their mistakes and mending their ways."I'm breaking the law should be punished, there is no need to defend himself." The trial phase, Jaycee look calm, in the final statement, he said, "back to the community, the never repeated," and can in the future, "with action to obtain understanding, transfer positive energy."After more than two hours of public hearing, Jaycee guilty shelter or other drug crimes, the first trial was sentenced to six months and fined 2,000 yuan.According to China's laws,

detention prior to execution of the judgment, and sentence a day each day spent in custody. This means that if Jaycee not appeal within 10 days, then he in 2015 after February 13, the body will be freed.In recent years, Hsieh Tung to Lee on behalf of foam, and then from Jaycee star Yoon Sang Jie ...... many drug-related, it will have what impact on young people "You as a public figure, much attention and widespread than people have a greater influence, and even to some extent, to guide social trends, especially the stars, the majority of young people have a strong demonstration effect and the value of leading However, you have to seek temporary stimulation, guard, not only their own drug use, but also shelter or other drug use in your home. So, for the self-inflicted harm, but also indulge in other people. You are such behavior to others to the family and all those who love your fans have brought harm. "Wh nike air max 2014 womensen the prosecutor in the trial court to conduct Jaycee education directed at Jaycee on drug-related adverse effects on young people.9 pm, deputy director of the National UNODC  In an interview with China Youth Daily reporter analysis in recent years, was captured by the star are not unaware of the dangers of drugs, their drug-related main reason is that, first, the star groups often suffer " Circle Culture

"impact" subculture "is large. Into the circle, will produce some groups mimic the effect, if the "big brother", "sister" suck, "you do not smoke, could not get into the circle." Second, the star of the long-term population, many of whom work overload, due to synthetic stimulant drugs, some of them in order to remain in good condition and drugs."Star drug-related impact is very bad, because the star groups belong to public figures, they have a demonstration effect on the community, especially their fans and youth groups prone to imitate the effect." Lixian Hui said.According to "China's Narcotics Report" authoritative data, in 1991, China's number of registered drug users was 14.8 million as of the end of April 2014, this figure becomes 258 million, or 20 years turned a dozen ti air jordan 6 sale   mes. Ministry of Public Security Bureau Narcotics latest statistics show that in recent years of registered drug users, young people up to the age of 35 accounted for 75%.Lixian Hui concern is: In the Internet era, some teenagers if not correct outlook on life and values ​​guidance from drug to drug trafficking, is not impossible. He admitted: "This as

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